New Year, New Start, New Life!!!

Well I hope all of you have had a rather wonderful New Year!!  I know that the past year had some crazy trials and tribulations that were just a bit too much for some of us to bear and even some losses that were beyond our control.  We made it, it’s the New Year and it’s time to really start getting ourselves into a better frame of mind!

With a new year there comes many new things to happen.  Some of my friends had new additions to their families, be it either fur babies or baby babies.  Some have parted ways and decided that it’s time for them to fly on their own and soar free.  Me….well I decided that it was time to settle down.  A bit.  I have finally opened my heart and my home to someone that I had the biggest crush on in high school and never had the nerve to ever tell him.  Here’s some irony for you…he had the same crush on me and to top it off we were really good friends back in the day.  We talked all the time, had basically the same friends but when it came to actually hanging out, we went literally in opposite directions. I south and he north and then once we graduated of course life changes and time moves on.

Lucky for me I was gifted with a best friend with the steel trap memory who just love to connect with everyone and wouldn’t stop pestering me on our re-connection LOL!!  I’m telling you, she is a very persistent person but I’m so glad that I “finally gave in” because not only did I get that amazing friendship back, but she was the one link that lead us back to each other.  Because of my social director of a friend and her ability to not only remember every soul she meets but to also continue to stay friends with them, she lead me back to my first crush.  It still took a while for us to gather the nerve to say how we felt but when we did, it was all uphill from there.  And to think, all the years that we could have potentially had together if we just were so afraid.  Maybe not afraid, just didn’t know what the hell we wanted at that time in our lives.  But one thing did stay true, our desire for the other.

I worried about going into this sort of blindly and well, full speed ahead with my mini me but honestly, things just fit so well that it feels like there has never been a missed beat.  I did have my worry and concerns about the small one thinking that she was going to be ignored, replaced or any of those other feelings that kids have when their only parent starts dating but this didn’t happen.  When we had our alone time, it was us and when the bug was around, it was the 3 of us.  No one ever left out and everyone always involved in the process.  My heart grew so big over the short time just watching how the two of them started to form a friendship based on the common love of me and the understanding that I wanted to both of them happy as I was.  Then watching that bond get stronger to form the “sides” in which I always seem to be the underdog in:)  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As you can see what used to be the Musings of a Single Parent has turned into such a beautifully Blended Harmony that I have decided that this is the focus now.  On our blended family and how our duo is not just a trio but more!!  I love how my little family is starting to grow and I do hope that you enjoy the journey as much as I believe we will.

Cheers lover-bugs:)

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