Single Parenting is my Superpower…..or Why You Let a Little Person Dictate Life


The other day I saw a bumper sticker on a car that stated, “I’m a Single Parent, What’s Your Superpower?”  It took me a minute to process this sticker.  Normally, I giggle or just read and move on but this one caught me for a moment.  I know that being a single parent is a LOT of work, but a superpower?  Really???  I just can’t see it.

I look at being a parent at all a superpower because there are many that are not blessed with the ability to be a parent.  So there is the alternative, adoption.  Even here, not everyone that chooses to open their hearts to a growing family are gifted this blessing.  I think the superpower for any parent is the patience and perseverance that we gather once we have another life to care for.

So I need to take this serious note down a few and say that my superpower is not just being a parent, but the fact my daughter is alive!!!  I can’t keep a plant going to save my life!  If that plant were to be my only source of food, water and air….well folks, I’m a goner!!  That being said, our children have their own superpower.  The ability to stay alive while testing the limits and boundaries of the parent.  You know you just smiled and even chuckled a bit.  Because this is true!


I have a 4 year old that is going on 25ish in her mind, not mine!  I swear sometimes that her gran is watching from above and protecting her poor little soul.  There have been times I have looked at my daughter and I can swear I see that smartass glimmer that I would see in my brother’s eyes when he was being an ass.  Yep, this is definitely my kid, our bloodline.  Lord, help this little girl in hopes that her luck in life will be much better.  So far so good, she’s been a challenging little pain my arse and she lives!!!

In truth, our children give us all the power we need.  They help us find our way back from the dark side of life, they shine brighter than any star going supernova and they are the one and only person that truly knows what it’s like to be in our heads.  Our littles, be them young or older, help and guide us in ways that we have never thought.  If you think about it, you are heading in one direction and then your mini comes along and ropes you into a completely different way and it’s never ending.  Even after they leave home, they are still dictating our lives to some degree.  And I’m okay with that.

Never did I think I’d be where I currently am in life, but I can tell you I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I have the best teacher in life…..and we almost have potty-training in the books!!!  Onto the next chapter in our crazy life!!

Remember, you may feel invincible…..just know where your true superpower came from!


Cheers xoxox

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