Well Hells bells, I figured it out…Or just the simple fact I took time to read!!!

So as it goes, I am a very, VERY impatient person and it’s not that I mean to be.  I just am and not really sure why I am.  My mother was far from sainthood but she was pretty damn patient dealing with me and my brother.  We were seriously the worst kids on the block from what I remember LOL

My lack of patience and my need for instant gratification is more recognized as the bigger, better, faster, now approach.  Well, that’s not how it ever is in life or at least not so much for me.  I like for things to be cut, dry and to the point with as little to no complication or setback.  With running your own blog and having this sort of “cheeky patience” it makes for lots of aggravating time wasted scanning when I should simply do what I most love dearly.  Read.

I have been excited to learn from this community that I have become a part of and the bit of having a self-hosted sites does pose a bit of a set-back, so to speak, for me.  When you don’t have exactly what the other person does and your asking for assistance, you may not be fulfilled with the correct remedy to your situation.  Thus the reason that I must learn to slow down and read.  You would think it would be easy for me considering the fact that a book or four are always being read at a time.  I have discovered within myself that I am like a man of sorts, I hate directions and I want it figured out right now so I can look at the fruits of my labors and bask in pride.  Yes, my male counterparts, you hate to ask for help.  Well I am totally with you on that!!!

As random as this post is, I decided to go online and look for the correct way to add a “Follow Me” button to my blog.  I never thought that many would care to read it and I do so hate to make my friends read and try to comment on my blog for my satisfaction and a feed to my ego, but I actually have a couple of new readers that would like to follow me!!!  That surprised me and kicked some initiative into my rear to figure this out once and for all.  All my plan needed was to have the mini boss out of the way long enough for me to do my research in peace and without the constant nag and whine of me not being at her beck and call!  I had to wait for naptime.  That took a while……

The hunt was on and I knew I was limited on time so I began what I figured would be quick and easy on the search front.  Sort of but I kept coming across so many words and not enough getting to the point, I was about to pull my hair out!  And then it happened, I did a little bit of a different search and low and behold I found a site to help me with my impatience and to connect me to my audience.

This site seems to be right up our alley as WordPressers so so check it out http://www.shoutmeloud.com/  This cat has been running and helping for about 5 years and it is chock full of nifty info and helpful tidbits.  I have to say Harsh, you saved this old gal from throwing a fit that even my mini me would think is a challenge!!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, I finally have a Follow Me button so if you are so inclined…..click it!!! I dare you!!

Love, peace and chicken grease!!!

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